Holiday region Fläming Heath

Actively enjoying nature

The medieval village Dahme is located 100 kilometres south of Berlin in the region Fläming Heath at the outskirts of the Spree Forest. With their gently sloping hills on the one hand and their countless streams on the other, both landscapes provide many attractive excursion destinations in the close proximity.

For bicycle fans, bicycles can be rented in the hotel. Dahme is located directly at the Flaeming-Skate, Europe’s biggest skating and bicycle circuit. The medieval town itself with its history that is longer than 800 years and its old houses is waiting to be discovered. Small shops, coffee shops and the museum Dahme make it a popular meeting point for holidaymakers.

The baroque castle ruin is a landmark of Dahme. It is situated directly opposite our care hotel. Simply contact us – we organize guided tours through the ruin.

The Tourism Association Fläming Heath provides many tips for a cultural and active holiday.